Membership and support of the Australia Defence Association

Please ring the ADA national office in Canberra on (02) 6231-4444 with any queries about the various categories of membership and support.


Corporate membership

This form enables you to electronically lodge your organisation's application for corporate membership of the Australia Defence Association.

Subscribe to ADA publications

This form enables your organisation to electronically lodge your corporate, library, club, mess or other institutional subscription to ADA publications. This type of subscription is not available to individuals as our publications are provided instead as part of each individual ADA Fellowship.


As a vigorously independent national public-interest watchdog organisation we are naturally careful that institutional, academic or commercial sponsorship of specific ADA programs, events or activities does not compromise our independence or risk other conflicts of interest for us or the sponsor. Within these obvious constraints, however, we welcome public (and transparent) sponsorship of our programs and activities by institutions and companies exercising corporate social responsibility.


The Australia Defence Association needs to be independent in order to fulfil its role as the national public-interest watchdog organisation for defence and wider national security issues effectively. Individual and institutional or corporate donations assist the ADA in maintaining our necessary independence, integrity and long-established public reputation for both. Please consider making a donation to the ADA to help us help Australia's defence. Particularly with our informed contributions to public debate and with our independent public-interest monitoring of governmental, bureaucratic and defence force responsibilities for strategic security, defence and wider national security issues.


Our governments, and indeed our people, must be reminded that it is unacceptable now — and very unfair to future generations — to divert any part of the long-term investment needed in our common defence to other (lower priority) governmental functions they believe will earn them a short-term and partisan electoral advantage within the current electoral or budgetary cycles. In effect, Australian governments are too prone to gambling with the security and well-being of our children, grandchildren and future descendants. They must be held to account for this short-term thinking, the inter-generational inequity and longer-term risks incurred, and the potentially catastrophic results for Australia and Australians in the future. As the Australian community's relevant independent national public-interest watchdog organisation for strategic security, defence and wider national security issues the Australia Defence Association continually holds governments to account for their indifference or neglect in meeting their national defence responsibilities over the long term. Please consider making a bequest to the ADA in your Will to help us help Australia's defence and properly meet our generation's responsibilities to our children, grandchildren and futture generations of Australians generally.

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