Information about the Australia Defence Association

Information about the public-interest watchdog role and work of the Australia Defence Association


Public-interest advocacy is an integral part of the Australia Defence Association's public-interest watchdog role concerning strategic security, defence and wider national security issues. This advocacy includes commenting on Government, Opposition and departmental governance policy generally, and recommending policy reforms stemming from our independent research and based on our long-term, whole-of-government, public-interest focus.


The Constitution of the Australia Defence Association governs its structure and operations as a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee established to act as an independent, community-based, non-partisan, national public-interest guardian organisation.

Board of Directors

This background outlines the stringent institutional safeguards covering the governance role, composition and electoral system applying to the ADA Board of Directors. In particular, these time-tested measures help preserve the ADA's independence and non-partisan essence, and it's institutional integrity, transparency and accountability, as a national public-interest watchdog organisation.

Notices to members

General notices to members concerning ADA corporate governance, membership responsibilities and other important announcements. More specific notifications can be found in the members-only section.

ADA activities

ADA public education activities are open to attendance by the general public but three rules or conditions apply to all attendees. First, normal community standards for courteous discussion, debate and the orderly conduct of meetings apply. Second, an entrance fee for all participants may be levied to defray costs. Third, some ADA activities are conducted under the Chatham House Rule in order to encourage open and frank debate. A refusal to comply with these rules and conditions will exclude you from participation of any kind in or at the activity.


As detailed in our FAQ pages, the ADA preserves its independence, non-partisan integrity and institutional transparency by, among other things, being primarily financed by membership subscriptions and by fundraising activities that are carefully regulated to preclude conflicts of interest. Such fundraising chiefly involves sponsorships, donations and bequests.

Employment with the ADA

The Australia Defence Association's public-interest research, public education and community advocacy programs and activities depend on a mix of funded and voluntary employment support. This general guidance is for people interested in working for the Association on a full-time, part-time, temporary internship or volunteer basis.

Privacy, security, copyright and disclaimers

These notices detail Australia Defence Association disclaimers, authorisations and our policies covering copyright, privacy, security, advertising and the provision of content for publication.