Making a bequest to the Australia Defence Association

Making a bequest to the Australia Defence Association in your Will helps us to help Australia's defence and strategic security well into the future.



National defence and strategic security have long been regarded as the first responsibility of any government.

But because there a few or no votes in it in the short term such responsibilities are perennially neglected, in relative and absolute terms, by Australian governments of all political persuasions.

Such a short-term and predominantly partisan focus by current governments means they tend to gamble perennially with Australia's long-term strategic security.

Particularly by allocating inadequate investment now, during their time of responsibility, for sustaining the effective defence capabilities Australia needs over the long term.

This is a serious inter-generational inequity issue.


How bequests help

Our governments, and indeed our fellow Australians, need to be reminded that it is unacceptable now — and very unfair to future generations of Australians — to divert any part of the long-term investment needed in our common defence to other (lower priority) governmental functions.

Particularly  where our governments choose to do this only because they believe it will earn them a short-term and partisan electoral advantage within the current electoral or budgetary cycles.

In effect, Australian governments are too prone to gambling with the security and well-being of our children, grandchildren and future descendants.

They must be held to account for this short-term thinking, the inter-generational inequity and longer-term risks incurred, and the potentially catastrophic results for Australia and Australians in the future.

As the Australian community's relevant independent national public-interest watchdog organisation for strategic security, defence and wider national security issues the Australia Defence Association continually holds governments to account for their indifference or neglect in meeting their national defence responsibilities over the long term.

Please consider making a bequest to the ADA in your Will to help us help Australia's strategic security and defence, and properly meet our generation's responsibilities to our children, grandchildren and future generations of Australians generally. Such a bequest is an enduring legacy to support your concern.


Types of bequest

Bequests can comprise property or money and are generally structured in three broad types:

  • a single amount of funds or property left to the ADA once only;
  • an amount of funding donated annually (or more frequently as specified in your Will) to the ADA by a Testamentary Trust established by your Will for that purpose or in conjunction with other purposes; and
  • a single amount or property left to the ADA as principal in order to establish, and for the interest or other income earned on that principal to support in perpetuity, an annual scholarship, award or sponsorship administered or awarded by the ADA.

In the first two types of bequest, the bequest can be a general one for use as decided by the ADA Board of Directors as per their fiduciary duties under our Constitution and the Corporations Law. Or, particularly with larger bequests, you may choose to specify that the sum or property involved be invested as principal in a long-term deposit or investment (a capital bequest) with only the interest or other income earned used to fund continuing ADA operations. 

In the third type of bequest the principal is invested and only the annual interest or other income earned is used to service the relevant scholarship, award or sponsorship. You can also, should you desire, specify the purpose and criteria for a scholarship, award or sponsorship funded by your bequest. But please consult with our national office before deciding on such matters to avoid duplication with other bequests and Association operations.

Should you desire to appoint trustees for a Testamentary Trust dedicated solely to supporting the work of the ADA the Association is happy to help you with advice on potential trustees from among our broad membership throughout the community.


Forms of bequest

A basic bequest can be made by including one or both of the the following passages, as applicable, in the relevant part of your new Will or you can add them as a codicil (a change) to your existing Will:

I bequeath to the Australia Defence Association (ABN 16 083 007 390) the sum of [insert figure in numerals and words here] to assist in the Association's public-interest research, education and advocacy activities regarding Australia's strategic security, defence and wider national security.

I bequeath to the Australia Defence Association (ABN 16 083 007 390) the following property [insert a description or listing of the property here] to assist in the Association's public-interest research, education and advocacy activities regarding Australia's strategic security, defence and wider national security.

More complicated bequests are best instituted with the advice and assistance of a solicitor. The ADA can help with putting you in touch with a solicitor from our membership who can provide basic advice at no cost to you.

It can also help if you refer to the ADA Constitution in your Will and attach a copy of that document if making a more complicated bequest.

If you have already made your Will you do not have to change it to make a bequest. You can add the bequest as a codicil that modifies your Will only in regard to the bequest.


Further information

If you interested in making a bequest in your Will to assist the ADA's future public-interest watchdog efforts, please contact our national office in Canberra on (02) 6231-4444.


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