Australia Defence Association publications

This page details the various types of publication and associated publishing information used by the Australia Defence Association to fulfil its public-interest watchdog role and responsibilities for strategic security, defence and wider national security issues


Discussion papers

ADA discussion papers tackle major or recurring subjects in Australian debate on strategic security, defence and wider national security issues. Each paper is a stand-alone contribution to informed public debate.

Defence Brief (ADA bulletin)

"Defence Brief" is the national bulletin of the Australia Defence Association and is distributed directly to members and supporters by email. Some back issues can be downloaded below. More recent issues of the bulletin may be found in the members-only section.

Defender (national journal)

For 25 years from 1983 to 2008 "Defender" was widely acknowledged as the primary journal of record for informed, topical and apolitical public debate on Australian strategic security, defence and wider national security issues. Publication of the the journal is currently suspended as we transition our publishing program from hard-copy to on-line versions. We continue to welcome the submission of articles and reviews by Australian and foreign contributors.

Major Furphy

Reflections about life in the Department of Defence at Russell Hill, reputedly extracted from musings recorded in the personal diary of the ever-observant personal staff officer to the Vice Chief of the Defence Force.

Conference calendar

This calendar lists conferences, seminars and other public activities on strategic security, defence, strategic studies, international relations, international security, domestic security, military history and associated matters.

Style guides

Our style guides (and aide memoires) assist authors and reviewers to write articles and book reviews respectively for the ADA national journal "Defender". The same article writing guidance applies to news and comment items for our electronic bulletin, "Defence Brief".


Our national journal, "Defender", our electronic bulletin, "Defence Brief", and this website all accept advertising. To assist advertisers with the booking, preparation and filing of advertisements, our criteria and specifications for cover-spot, page, insert and website advertising are detailed here.

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